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Dr. Winnick is such an angel. Calm, respectful, and gentle. Her thoughts on Eden reassured me that it was time to let her go. Everything was explained thoroughly and clearly. I’ve already recommended Peaceful Pathways to a friend and will continue to recommend her in the future. Through this experience, I found not only had I used Dr. Winnick previously but so had two others. Thank you again, Dr. Winnick, for taking such good care of all of us two- and four-legged beings.
Jenn K.

Thank you to Dr. Winnick and the Peaceful Pathways staff for helping us through a very difficult day. Our decision to put to rest our Cider girl was difficult and with much anxiety. Dr. Winnick was nothing less than an angel through the entire process, as was the staff when we were making this decision. Dr. Winnick was prompt, patient, kind and loving to Cider through the whole process. Although we are still sad and missing our little gal terribly, I would recommend Peaceful Pathways to anyone needing it.
Andrea C.

I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ from the full depth of our hearts. Dr. Metzger was absolutely caring to our dog Sammy. I’m so grateful to have those last moments with him at home.

Sam felt cared and loved for up until the very end. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, thanks to Dr. Metzger. She helped making the whole experience peaceful and honoring to our sweet boy. Thank you!

Vadim B.

May the good Lord and the friendly angels be with you. We treasure the memory we created together this morning. Jenn’s kind and gentle manner helped us immensely.
Leland F.

On behalf of my entire family I wanted to thank you for the loving care that you gave our sweet Gus yesterday. You were so loving and kind to him and I know that he left this place surrounded by love and care, not only from our family, but from you as well. We are so thankful for you.

When our dear cat, Benny, reached the end of his fight with cancer, we knew we wanted him to have a quiet, peaceful send-off. Dr. Chrissy Metzger was the perfect person to help us give the best ending to the best cat. She was prompt and professional but also compassionate, patient, and kind. She continually expressed her thanks to us that we were giving him such a beautiful gift. Benny fell asleep (from the first shot), lying on both our laps. Dr. Metzger kindly stepped outside so we could take our time saying our last goodbyes. When we called her back in, she verified Benny was asleep and feeling no more pain. She then administered the final shot. Finally, she made a pawprint in polymer clay and pressed letters in to spell his name. It seemed a little much, but I’m so glad we have that pawprint. Benny passed away peacefully and painlessly in our arms. We should all be so lucky to die at home in the arms of those we love. Many thanks to Peaceful Pathways and Dr. Chrissy Metzger for helping make a tremendously sad experience so kind and compassionate for all of us.


From the very first, Dr. Winnick was so friendly, down-to-earth, and grounded as she gave us information in one of the most challenging times of my life…information on how my beloved bearded collie was going to be released out of his body through euthanasia. When she arrived I was pretty much in denial at how close the time was and pretty much fell apart after she left even though I felt very safe with her and trusted her immediately. During the next two weeks I changed the date a couple times and each time the Dr. and her staff were very patient, they’ve been through this kind of confusion and anxiety so many times and they are real pros at handling this. When the day arrived she came in and greeted Rumi and my friends who had gathered. Rumi lay down right beside her as she gave the first shot. I feel he trusted her too. She then gave us plenty of time to read a poem, shower him with rose petals and say our goodbyes. Before she shaved his leg to give him the final injection she asked me if it was okay. I nodded yes and she went ahead. The injection was done slowly and Rumi quietly drifted into eternity. Then one of my friends and Dr. Winnick carried him out on a stretcher.

The experience was seamless and I feel so grateful that we had a compassionate person to handle the details and expertise. I recommend Dr. Winnick without reservation. And you will love her beautiful kind blue eyes. By the way, Rumi’s ashes arrived today and everything was exactly as we asked. Thank you, Dr. Winnick and staff.


Thank you Dr. Winnick for your wonderful, compassionate service. Our kitty’s passing could not have been handled more beautifully. The support and empathy you offered gave me the confidence that we were doing the right thing.

Joanne H.

I had to make the hardest decision to put my baby girl to sleep. Peaceful Pathways handled this with so much grace and patience. Dr. Chrissy Metzger was a blessing to work with, she was so patient and explained the steps clearly. She made my first home euthanasia much more bearable and the experience was beautiful and peaceful. I’m so grateful to have those last moments with my baby at home. Thank you peaceful pathways!

Aracelia A.

Just wanted to say thank you again. Being able to do this in our home made it easier to say goodbye, and I think Po was happier as well.

There is no better way to say goodbye to your loved one than in their own home and with a gentle and caring person and vet such as Jen. She makes the experience so comforting and respectful with great sensitivity to both you and your pets needs. Thank you for your special talent and creating this important service. I’m so very grateful and impressed.
Janice F.

We were so grateful for Dr. Metzger and her ability to come on the same day. She was kind, compassionate, and direct in talking with us and complete understanding and respectful, validating our decision to let Davi at what we knew was the right time. Her engagement and discretion at the right times were exactly what we needed to say goodbye in our time. She treated Davi with dignity and gentle care. Josee who answered our call was amazing too! Thank you!
Scott O.

We are very grateful for the kind and compassionate care Dr. Winnick provided. Her thoughtful demeanor helped us through a very difficult process. At each step, we were fully informed and given as much time as we needed, and we were reassured and supported in our grief. Thank you so much!

Dr. Metzger at Peaceful Pathways was amazing in helping us send our beloved dog, Kobe, off surrounded by love. She was so kind, respectful, and patient. Kobe also took an instant liking to her and was comfortable with her presence. She explained simply and clearly the process. It was very humane. Kobe went peacefully in our backyard, just gradually getting tired and falling asleep with a sedative, and then the barbiturate was added, and within less than a minute or so, he gently passed. I thought seeing Kobe being taken away would be unbearable, but Dr. Metzgerhad placed a soft paw-print blanket over part of his body as he was carried out on a doggie stretcher that he had been transferred to. He was treated with so much care. We are so grateful we could control how his last day, hours, minutes were spent. Thank you, Dr. Metzger. We are forever grateful.

I cannot be more thankful for your help and immediate availability; it was a very hard time and decision to take; you were very kind and supportive in our loss. Casper was very important to us for almost 20 years, and he will always be in our hearts. It was very hard to say goodbye to him. Thank you for helping Casper and be with us in that difficult time. You gave him trust, and he understood you are there for him and to help him showing your love.

Dr. Winnick “Jenn”,
I just wanted to say thank you for making Mitzy’s transition as good as possible. You were perfect and I appreciate so much being able to do “it” in my home. Thank you, thank you for your caring and sensitivity.
Mitzy was a perfect kitty for me and I wanted her to not feel any stress or pain. It all happened as you said.
Know that I appreciate you and your caring service VERY much!!!
Many thanks

Thank you. Chrissie was lovely.
This was harder than losing my mom…. but she made it peaceful and loving.

I wish to thank you again for your compassionate and caring program. I can’t say enough how much I appreciated every choice and thoughtful detail. The procedure, though sad, left me with the memory of Parfait being well taken care of at just the right time.

Rachel and I want to extend our sincerest gratitude for your gift to us and our sweet Joey girl yesterday. We feel absolutely heartbroken over this loss, but are eternally grateful to you. I’m sure you get this a lot, but you were our angel yesterday. Thank you ❤️

Thank you so much. So hard to be without Maggie but thankful she wasn’t stressed and anxious. You made this difficult day better.

I just wanted to take a moment to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the kindness you showed to both me and Salem yesterday. Your patience and understanding were a blessing to us and I am so thankful that you were there to help Salem cross over. Like so many, Salem was such an important part of our lives, and while the decision to allow him to transition was obvious, it was still incredibly difficult. I am so thankful for the gentle people like yourself who make it their life’s work to care for the ones we love most.

With much appreciation and a very full heart

Thank you so much for helping us with Jack. You were an amazing professional and a warm heart at a time we needed both.

We had to put down our beloved Pluto in Sept 2021. It has taken me a few months to visit this website.
Dr. Winnick visited us at home and helped take care of Pluto in his final moments. She was incredibly kind, loving, gentle to Pluto and so very considerate and patient with our emotions. She gave us ample time to say our goodbyes. Pluto is our first dog and we had no ideas of what to expect – so we are very grateful to Dr. Winnick for her guidance when we were at our lowest. Dr. Winnick was respectful of our Indian traditions and Pluto is in a happy place, free of pain thanks to her.
Arundhati S

Thank you Dr. Winnick for your wonderful, compassionate service. Our kitty’s passing could not have been handled more beautifully. The support and empathy you offered gave me the confidence that we were doing the right thing.
Joanne H

I want to take a minute and say the most heartfelt thank you.

My family and I were absolutely wrecked from grief yesterday, and I was nervous about bringing a new doctor into such an uncomfortable and sensitive situation. Dr. Winnick was the best possible version of who we ended and made it possible to get some portion of relief and release in saying goodbye to Meeko. With the absolute full depth of our hearts – thank you.

Our heartfelt thanks to Peaceful Pathways and Dr. Metzger for her help when we put our dog, Buddy, down last week. Putting Buddy down was one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make. Dr. Metzger’s kind words and warm, loving support made the process so much easier. The process was calm, gentle, and caring. What could have been a heartbreaking situation turned into a peaceful, compassionate, and love-filled experience. We will forever be grateful.

Michele B.

This is the second time I’ve called Peaceful Pathways for help with my ailing pet. It is important to me to have my pet at home when it’s time for them to have this type of service. Dr. Winnich is such a compassionate and efficient person to facilitate an emotional procedure. You don’t have the feeling that there is anything more important for Peaceful Pathways than to take care of your precious pet. You have time to spend with them before and after the procedure with no time constraints. For me, it’s important to have my pets in their home environment when it’s time for this type of procedure. Peaceful Pathways and Dr. Winnich provide this comforting service, and I recommend it to my friends and to anyone who has to face this difficult decision.

Gloria K.

We called Peaceful Pathways, and, fortunately, Dr. Winnick was able to come that afternoon. We were so impressed with her compassion for us and our beloved Nutella. She explained everything in detail so we would know what to expect. I was afraid I would be hysterical during the procedure, but Dr. Winnick was so compassionate and calm that I was able to stay sane. Dr. Winnick never rushed us. Dr. Winnick gave us every opportunity to say goodbye and give us last kisses. I have already recommended Dr. Winnick to friends who have dogs. I know I will see Nutella again in heaven. Did you know that the word animal comes from the Latin word anima, which means soul? Yes, dogs have souls, and all dogs go to heaven!

Dr. Metzger is truly an angel on Earth. Upon arrival, and after assessing my dog’s state, she was incredibly sensitive to the situation and very comforting. She reassured us that we were doing the merciful thing for putting our dog down (given how much he was suffering). She even consoled me and rubbed my back during my moments of deep sadness, and gave our family several moments of alone time to process. After we had put our baby down and helped to load him into her car, she gracefully tucked him in blankets, laid a pillow under his chin, and placed a flower on his head before we said our final goodbye. It was all very respectable for the passing that had just happened. She also made a clay paw print for us to remember him by and saved his fur in a little baggy for me to keep that had been shaved off for the injection. I even received a sympathy card in the mail from her a few days later, sending her condolences for the traumatic event.

I would highly recommend Dr. Metzger to anyone that is having to endure the hardest moment of being a pet owner. You will be in great hands. It is a moment I will remember forever, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, thanks to her. She made the whole experience peaceful and honoring to our sweet boy. Thank you! xo

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this incredibly important service that you provide. Dr. Metzger was absolutely lovely and caring to my dog Everest. Thanks to her and your service, Everest passed away peacefully in the comfort of our home without the stress and strain of a car ride to the vet and the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment.

He felt cared and loved for up until the very end. I cannot thank Dr. Metzger, Dr. Winnick and all the staff at Peaceful Pathways for the love and tenderness you provide to pets and their humans at the end of their lives.

Thank you again

Dr. Winnick – Thank you so much for coming today. It meant so much to us that we could all be with Tango. It was a really peaceful experience for her and us. Thank you again.

We want to thank you & Dr Metzger for everything you did yesterday. I really don’t have words to describe how grateful we are for the kindness, expertise & sensitivity the two of you extended to us & Daisy. What could have been a terrible ordeal was transformed into a gentle, peaceful passage. There’s no way around the heart wrenching loss of a deeply loved companion, but having the process made as gentle as possible for the companion & her family is a true gift.

I am writing this through the copious tears of a deep loss, and with a sense of profound gratitude for everything you & Dr Metzger did. You’re doing important & much needed work with a grace, sensitivity and flexibility that stands out against the backdrop of the world as it is now. Please know that both of you will always be in our hearts.

I just wanted to thank you for the way you handled that for our family on Saturday. I couldn’t envision a better way for Ed to pass on. Thank you.

Thank you again for all you do and all you’ve done. You really help make that decision and transition so much easier. I really appreciate your kindness and caring. Thank you so much.

– Jennifer

I wanted to tell you that you made us feel much more comfortable about the whole process. The way you handled everything was very gentle but professional at the same time. Mia deserved to be taken care of with love and respect, which you provided. Thanks again for everything.

I really want to thank you and especially Dr. Metzger for today. I had decided years ago that I didn’t want to take Fritter to an animal hospital to be euthanized — at a point where she would have been most stressed, we would have been adding to that, making it clinical and impersonal.

Dr. Metzger brought us peace in a time when I was heartbroken. Fritter passed so peacefully, on her bed, in the backyard with the people who love her—and she loves—sitting next to her and touching her, reassuring her of our love.

What a godsend your service is. I could not have done that any other way. And I wouldn’t have wanted to.

I want to tell you, again, how much I appreciated your quick phone response, willingness to come over the same day (on a Sunday no less) and, of course, your compassionate care of both Whiskey and me. I really feel it is such an important service that you provide, and you are clearly the right person for it.

Thank you so much for everything. You really helped our family with a tough time, and we all appreciate your sensitivity and kindness.

I don’t know how well we expressed our gratitude yesterday for how you helped us with Max. You were so wonderful. We only felt warmth from you. We never felt like we were rushed.

Ian and I are so incredibly grateful for your business and your demeanor and love for our pets and empathy for the owners.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our heartfelt thanks to Peaceful Pathways and Dr. Metzger for her help when we put our dog, Buddy, down last week. Putting Buddy down was one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make. Dr. Metzger’s kind words and warm, loving support made the process so much easier. The process was calm, gentle, and caring. What could have been a heartbreaking situation, turned into a peaceful, compassionate, and love-filled experience. We will forever be grateful.

Thank you for your sympathy during our time of loss. Your kind words are a comfort to us as we grieve our ‘Best Friend’s’ death.

Thank you for your help during this difficult time for our family. Bless you for your kindness and services.

I wanted to write and thank you so very much for your help with Fred earlier this month. I was so incredibly sad and anxious about the decision, and how the process was going to be, and you made the experience extremely loving and peaceful. Your calm, caring demeanor, professionalism and knowledge helped us move through the process at a pace that was right for us – not too slow and not too fast. We really had no idea what to expect, and your service not only met but exceeded our expectations. Thank you for making a day we were dreading into a day filled with peace, love and compassion.

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