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Palliative, Hospice Care, and Pain Management

Palliative pet care is an approach of care focused on relieving discomfort associable to some underlying illness, disease or simply just the changes we see with aging. The goal is not to cure the underlying problem, but, rather, to allow your pet to live as gently and comfortably as is possible. Your pet may or may not be undergoing treatment for the underlying illness or disease while receiving palliative care. They can be additive and independent approaches to care.

While palliative/hospice care is focused on our pets, we aim to provide families and caretakers with guidance and preparation for approaching this life transition.

So, when is the right time to initiate palliative/hospice care? Palliative/ hospice care is appropriate at any time we are faced with an incurable illness, aggressive or invasive treatments and/or diagnostics are declined in favor of comfort care. Early intervention, whether once a diagnosis is made or when we feel we need a little extra support and guidance, helps us to ensure we are able to provide the best possible care.

The treatment is always specific for your pet’s situation but may include:

  • Pain Management
  • Additions to or adjustments to current medical plan
  • Infection Control
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Household Modification
  • Mental Stimulation

Bringing extensive experience in both palliative and hospice care, Dr. Winnick will work with you and your pet to provide the best possible care. Initial consultations are always in-home, allowing Dr. Winnick to meet your pet, perform a physical examination, and talk in-depth about your current health concerns without the added stress of your pet being placed in a clinical setting. In addition, Dr. Winnick is able to observe the home environment and make recommendations regarding the household that may help to improve your pet’s comfort and quality of life. The goal and focus are always to allow for good days to outweigh any bad days and for our focus to on quality, not quantity. For your pet to live their best days!

Initial Visit

During this visit we will review and discuss your pet’s medical history, perform a complete physical examination, observe your pet in their home environment, discuss goals and expectations, and answer any specific questions you may have regarding your pet’s health. Upon completion of our visit a plan to address your pet’s specific needs will be presented. Please understand that Dr. Winnick does not provide testing or diagnostics. Should those services be desired you will need to seek the guidance of your primary care veterinarian.

Please allow at least two hours for the initial visit. The entire two hour period may not be necessary; however, it is important we not feel rushed during our discussion and assessment.

The initial visit will include, as appropriate, follow-up communication via email, video, or phone for one month. After this time, if appropriate for your pet’s situation, we will schedule a follow-up visit to continue on with care for your pet.

Any supplies or medications will be charged separately.


Follow up Visit

Follow up visits may be needed if you are observing any changes with your pet or their response to any prescribed medications.

Any concerns or questions you may have. You may simply need reassurance that your pet is continuing to experience a good quality of life.

Whatever the need may be, rest assured I am available to help you through this difficult time either through in-home visits, phone consultation or email.

Compassionate end-of-life care for your beloved companion

Peaceful Pathways is devoted to ensuring your pet's final chapter is written to include as much comfort and dignity as possible. Please see our service area map below. If you are outside of the area, please contact us for travel rates.

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Extended travel is possible (may incur an additional fee).

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