In-Home Euthanasia ($375, Not including body care)

This includes travel fee, consultation, sedation, euthanasia procedure, a personalized clay paw print keepsake, grief and pet loss literature and notification to your regular veterinarian of your pet’s passing.

In-Home Euthanasia including Communal Cremation (less than 30 lbs: $450, 30-84 lbs: $475, 85-99 lbs: $525, 100 lbs and greater: $600)

In addition to services listed for In-Home Euthanasia, your pet is cremated with a group of pets to be respectfully spread by the crematory in their gardens. This includes transportation of your pet to the crematory.

In-Home Euthanasia including Private Cremation (less than 30 lbs: $575, 30-49 lbs: $600, 50-84 lbs: $625, 85-119 lbs: $700, greater than 120 lbs: call for pricing)

In addition to services listed for In-Home Euthanasia, your pet is cremated individually and the remains returned to you in a standard maple wood urn with a laser engraved name plate. remains may be picked up directly from the AMS crematorium in Gilroy, CA, or shipped direct. For an additional fee, the remains can be hand-delivered to your home (limited availability, please inquire).

Additional Services

Pre-euthanasia appointments for aggressive pets can be scheduled to discuss the concerns, better assess the situation, explain in detail the process and what to expect and to dispense oral sedatives/medications that may be needed prior to the end of life appointment ($250)

More personalized urns and wooden boxes are available at an additional cost.

Witnessed cremations are available should you prefer to attend and arrangements will be made with the crematory.

Palliative/Hospice Care/Pain Management

Initial Visit ($325)

During this visit we will review and discuss your pet’s medical history, perform a complete physical examination, observe your pet in their home environment, discuss goals and expectations, and answer any specific questions you may have regarding your pet’s health. Upon completion of our visit a plan to address your pet’s specific needs will be presented. Please understand that Dr. Winnick does not provide testing or diagnostics. Should those services be desired you will need to seek the guidance of your primary care veterinarian.

Please allow at least two hours for the initial visit. The entire two hour period may not be necessary; however, it is important we not feel rushed during our discussion and assessment.

The initial visit will include, as appropriate, follow-up communication via email, video, or phone for one month. After this time, if appropriate for your pet's situation, we will schedule a follow-up visit to continue on with care for your pet.

Any supplies or medications will be charged separately.

Follow up Visit ($150)

Follow up visits may be needed if you are observing any changes with your pet or their response to any prescribed medications.

Any concerns or questions you may have. You may simply need reassurance that your pet is continuing to experience a good quality of life.

Whatever the need may be, rest assured I am available to help you through this difficult time either through in-home visits, phone consultation or email.