In Memoriam

A memorial tribute can be a great way to honor your beloved pet's memory and we have made this memorial page available for you to do just that. Click the "Create Memorial" button to get started or, if you prefer, you are welcome to send us the image and content to place on the page for you.


Max was our family pet, loyal friend and best pal for 13 years. We will all miss you so much. Gone but not forgotten pal. We love you. A special thank you to Peaceful Pathways for making our life change as easy as possible.


In Loving memory of Gracie.


Whiskey was the "cat I never asked for," and he was a bit of a terror as a kitten (tearing up plants, pouncing me in the night, etc.) But, as he got older, Whiskey was the most communicative, interactive and affectionate cat imaginable. He spoke and asked for things, "nursed" me sweetly when I was ill (complete with kisses and pats on the face), and was incredibly cuddly. Every morning for 10 years, I woke up intertwined with Whiskey in my arms, around my head and neck. He also bathed and cuddled my other cat, Ramona, who was very attached to him. When it was time to say "good-bye" to Whiskey, I was devastated. The only consolation was to have a peaceful passing at home. I would not have wanted it any other way - and would want the same for myself. Whiskey was greatly loved and will be greatly missed.


Jean-Claude was a very loving and intelligent cat. If he didn't get what he wanted at first, he would persist. And persist. When he was young, this small ball of yellow fur won me over by always demanding affection and attention. He started out as a shy cat, but in his older days, he came out of his shell and had his last hurrah at a gathering of friends, where he socialized with each and every one of them.

Jean-Claude was also extremely agile and could, untill his last two years, jump over six feet to the tops of my armoire and closets. At over eighteen years, he was long-lived for an outdoor cat who roamed the roofs and trellis, always on the lookout for a mouse to bring back home. He will always be in my thoughts and will be hard to replace.


Sugar has been part of my life for the last 13 years. I still remember the first initial days that I got her from my sisters. She was like a big ball of cotton, all white and fluffy but she wasn't in the best of health initially. After hand feeding her those first few days, it created an everlasting bond. Every morning for the last 13 years, she woke and jumped out off of my bed and patiently sat and waited for me to get ready. Then she followed me to her own room where she knew she would get fed. Every evening when I got home, she would be waiting for me, lying on top of the couch, which was one of her favorite places, and she would follow me around until I sat down, and that was her cue to jump and sit on my lap.

Through the years, I seen her grow from a rambunctious kitten, to a very playful, sweet, sometimes annoying, but always loving cat. She will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

Fitzgerald Black "Fitzy Poo"

March 2007 - Dec 2012

Born and raised in the South, Fitzy was full of Southern charm but somehow "manners" passed him by. He was a delightful minnis who loved to steal food. He was fast, smooth and fearless when he saw something tasty. Before you knew it - He Ate It !

If he was not busy stealing your food like Houdini - he was staring at you while you ate. Fitzy didn't need words. Anyone would know he was asking " You gonna eat all that?"

Fitzy would dart out the front door so he could lay in the middle of the street. This delightful activity didn't make any sense to anyone but him. He had a Pig cookie jar, that held his treats inside. His cookie jar sat on a table by the front door. (it still does)

When the pig head lid was lifted off the body of the cookie jar - the cookie jar would say "I'M A PIG!" with a real country twang. Fitzy would hear "IM A PIG" coming from his cookie jar - and "lickity split" he'd be inside the house, grabbing his chicken jerky from your hand and off he go- skipping to eat it - comfortably on the sofa!

Fitzy was not only a pig with food. He was a real hog in bed. He loved all the covers and most of the pillow. I always looked forward to bed time with Fitzy

At the end of the day Fitzy was imperfect in so many ways - from his tooth to his pirate ways but when He would look at you with his head on your chest, with his little brown eyes looking into yours and His famous snaggle tooth smile - nothing could ever be more perfect.

The life lesson I learned from my pal, Fitzy, Fitzgerald Black is - Be your true you. Your "arf-thentic self" And, your heart and soul will thrive and spill over with love onto those you around you.

I know I certainly soaked him all in! I love you Fitzy so much.

The Pie

The Pie was named after Farmer Ede's naughty black and white horse who kept jumping out of his field and running amok down the village street in the book, National Velvet. Like his equine namesake, The Pie was an adorably naughty, quirky, special, loving, infamous cat. At one point tipping the scales at 22 pounds, our Pie was the terror of the local vet hospital and an enemy to pet sitters who neglected to bring him offerings of turkey deli meat, but he was always a gentle pussycat with us.

The Pie loved to carry soft toys or used dryer sheets around the house in his mouth while yowling mournfully, especially in the middle of the night. He was a garbage can raiding, plate cleaning, front door greeting, UPS guy scaring, paw curling, rubber band biting, cheese eating, treat ball rolling, catmint chewing, physical powerhouse who delighted in jumping the six-foot fence around our garden simply to roll around on the concrete surface on the other side. And Pie was lightning fast ... one time leaping up to successfully catch a hummingbird in mid-flight. The Pie was never a lap cat but was always lovingly affectionate, choosing to hang out with his people while contentedly purring and kneading his paws, enthusiastically "stomping grapes" on a nearby blanket.

We will always love our unique, handsome boy Pie and his sweet sister Thomasina, and we will miss them for the rest of our lives. Thomasina passed peacefully in my arms from cancer just before their 17th birthday, but we are so blessed that Dr. Winnick was there to gently release The Pie from his failing body one month later, to be reunited with Thomasina and his other feline friend Thistle. There was such strength in The Pie's sweetness ... so much so that our valiant boy needed help for a peaceful transition despite being so gravely ill.

How lucky we were to be chosen by these special cats when they were such tiny kittens! And how grateful we are to have enjoyed the privilege of loving them for so many happy years. Their love will forever shine its light into our hearts.


It was pretty much love at first sight with Augie. She chose me 15 years ago as much as I did her. I feel so blessed that she chose to share her deep love, her joy, her forever and always puppy-ness, her vibrant life up here on the hill. Her heart always open, always playful and always singing. Yes Augie, my dear dear friend, you taught me a great deal, there are hardly any words that come close to expressing how much you will be missed.


In memory of Millenium (Mill), June 15, 2013.

I picked my human, Heather, just before the millennium and had 14 wonderful years with her. She named me after the TV show that was on at the time.

Some of the things that I enjoyed in my days with her were: sleeping on top of her at night before crawling up to her chest and neck at 3 AM to purr very loudly for attention. I also really loved when she would scratch my stomach for hours until I would finally get frisky and grab her hand as well as gently biting at times. And don't forget climbing on the bannister of the Franklin house or in my younger days batting around the stuffed mice that I was given.

I spent many wonderful hours on her lap as she studied for her engineering degree.

The huntress in me was an expert at hunting and catching birds, mice and the occasional squirrel. Some of the birds I would bring into the house to the surprise of my human, who would then chase it out of the house. A waste of effort, if you asked me.

When my human took me to California, I became much wiser and spent my time indoors where I could run rule of the house. The chair was mine. The bed was mine. The floor was mine. Simply put, I was the queen and ruler of the house .

By the end, I had pretty much anything any cat could want and wouldn't have asked for anything different. Thank you, my human, for taking such good and loving care of me during my time with you.


You will be sorely missed Mill, the greatest cat that could have ever been in my life. Thank you for all the great memories. Love Heather


I will forever miss him, and still miss him till this day. I miss him in the kitchen "waoing" for food, he was always the chubby one and had the most beautiful eyes that i have ever seen. He is missed very much and always will be part of our "Necessitos 5" Family.


Sierra-Belle 4/2006 - 7/2013

My sweet sweet Sierra. She was truly a one of kind! Life will never be the same without her with us. She was the best dog we could have ever had. Perfect beyond imagine. I only wish she hadn't left us so soon. Sierra was incredibly kind, gentle, and loving. She absolutely loved working in the barn with me and tagging along on trail rides, chasing balls and swimming in the pond. This dog could do no wrong. She will always hold a very large special place in my heart. I miss her dearly.


Precious - July 2015

When I rescued her at the vet's office 18 years ago, he asked/warned, "Are you sure you want that one? She's a little scrappy." I was sure and we have been in love ever since, scrappiness and all. She was my greatest love, teacher, friend and soul mate. Here are some of her favorite things: she suckled on my ear lobes as a kitten, licked tears from my cheeks, snuggled and cuddled endlessly, followed the sun for warm naps, chewed on plastic and wrapping paper, greeted me when I pulled my car in to the driveway at the end of each day, sat on my head and patted my cheeks- gently- to wake me, chased anything that moved, brought me piles of leaves from outside with two little teeth marks in each one, adopted David when he and I met and loved him fiercely, too..........

She was sick for 2.5 years, and was ultimately released July 3, coinciding with Independence day and freedom. Saying goodbye was heart wrenching and required great courage.

Dr. Jenn was our angel vet who helped us to be brave, grieve, and say goodbye to our precious Precious baby girl cat. Now when I look for her, I go to my heart, where she will always live. Pure love.


October 16, 2001 – August 2, 2015

Stutz Bearcat started his professional show career at 6 months of age by winning Best of Breed. He won several other championships, including another Best of Breed at 9 months. He sired a litter of puppies and was also featured in several Cardigan Welch Corgi calendars.

He got too big to continue to compete, and he moved from Florida to California to retire. We adopted him in February 2005. We often joke how quickly we turned him from a champ to a chump, since he adapted to our family, especially the couch, so quickly. He and Graycie, our kitten, quickly became good friends although she has always held the position of alpha dog in the household.

Stutz loved being a part of our family, especially the car rides and going to the softball fields to romp in the grass and meet with all the kids. He was a devout “foodie” and would appear instantly to sample whatever was being prepared. He was very protective of all of his family, but especially his Mommy who he followed around everywhere. Stutz enjoyed going to Tahoe with the gang and did a good job of staking out his territory. He liked it when we had parties because he would get to socialize – the extra food was always a bonus.

Stutz was diagnosed with several types of cancer a few months ago and passed away today. He had a wonderful life and he was the nicest, gentlest dog ever. We thank him for all the love he gave us and the many laughs we have had together. Stutz will be forever missed by us all.


In loving memory of my best friend in the whole wide world. I love you so much, and there isn't a moment that goes by where I am not missing you terribly. Thank you so much for being by my side through the best and worst of times. Thank you for seeing me through my rough 20's. I will never ever forget you, my "forever dog" and sincerely hope that I get to experience your amazing presence again someday. Love always and forever, Kavita. PS: Thank you so much, Dr. Winnick, for taking care of this so beautifully and mindfully in our home. We are forever grateful.


Maedbh was, quite simply, the loveliest cat in the world. The softness of her white fur was matched only by her gentle demeanor. At night she often slept on my chest and I would wake to two curious eyes, one pale blue, one golden amber, gazing down at me. She was a silently watchful presence who followed me everywhere, a graceful white shadow. Though occasionally she would burst with love and energy and roll onto her back, chirping and begging for cuddles. And when she slept, curled tightly into a ball, it was impossible not to smile and wonder at her beauty.

Maedbh’s trust in me never wavered, even when I moved her halfway across the world to Jakarta for two years. In quarantine, terrified and exhausted after a 30 hour plane journey via Amsterdam, she cried out when she heard my voice and purred as soon as I held her. Many people marveled at the expense and hassle I incurred to ship her, but there was no question in my mind that she would go wherever I went.

My darling girl died far too young, at ten years old from lung cancer. At the end she was too weak to move, but would acknowledge me by flicking her tail when I spoke her name. When the time came, she fell asleep in my arms, gazing right into my eyes, devoted and loving to the end. I’m grateful to Dr Winnick for providing her with a peaceful and painless end to her suffering.

Maedbh may be gone but the joy and comfort that she brought to my life will never be forgotten.


In memory of Kuro, 2000(?)-2015

Beautiful boy, lovely black lion, darling Kuro, I miss you in countless ways. Every single morning of all our many years together, waking up to you climbing on to my chest, settling your heavy, big-boned body comfortably, and purring. My warm, sweet, reliable 5 a.m. wake-up call. I so admired your loving, sociable, talkative, confident nature, your regal bearing and stately dignity, your affection for your little brother Jet. I hope you are with Jet still. Kuro, my big, furry sweetheart, thank you for your love and companionship, your affection and loyalty, your big heart, your patience, and your strength. Everyone who met you adored you. Thank you, Dr. Winnick, for giving Kuro a truly peaceful passing. You are freed from pain and illness, dearest Kuro. I love you always. Rest in peace.


In memory of Jet, 2005(?)-2015

Sweet baby Jet, my little Jetski, I miss you so very much. Every single moment of the 8 years I spent with you was precious, from the day I brought you home from the shelter to the day Dr. Winnick so mercifully helped free you from pain and future suffering. I loved your black, silky coat, your small, neat paws, your effortless leaps, your playfulness, your high voice, the way you enjoyed flowers, your beautiful, all-seeing eyes staring into mine. Slow blinks Id give you back, to reassure you that all was well. You were aware of every tiny change in your environment--so sensitive and emotional. You loved your big brother Kuro and followed him everywhere. I hope you are with him even now. Thank you for your devotion, your trust, your love, your sweet, shy, affectionate nature. I love you always. Rest in peace, sweet Jet.


In loving memory of my gorgeous and highly sensitive soul dog, Marli. As the most empathic being I have ever known, you understood the world at a much deeper level than most. I miss saying, "I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you, I GOT YOU!!" and hearing you howl beautifully on "YOU!!" :) I miss singing songs and randomly inserting your name, and hearing you sing with delight upon hearing your name. You had the most beautiful singing voice and the biggest heart. Thank you, my love, for being there for me through the best and worst of times. I love you forever.


Chaucer 3-3-00 ~ 9-26-16

The best cat in the entire world. He had beautiful little white paws, white soft chest, and Maine Coon tufts in his ears. You would swear he wore eyeliner. He was my best buddy who kept me company in my home office. He understood conference calls and when I hung up the phone it was time to play., be fed or let onto the deck. We had our own secret communication. He is missed.


Our very best best friend!!! You will forever be in our hearts . The most amazing smart caring companion any one could ask for.

With all our love ❤️

RIP Gohan



Tara was one of the best dogs in the world, at least in my opinion and many oithers. So there really is so much I could say about her. She was caring, loving, protective, obedient, smart, energetic, and the best cuddler. She loved the beach and going on long walks. Tara loved balls and loved playing fetch. She would really make you work hard to get the ball back from her once she caught it. She would carry her ball or chew everywhere.She loved to chew on rawhides, bully sticks, and stuffed animals. Tara was a loving and loyal companion to my husband and I. She will forever be missed and I can't wait until the day that we will all be reunited with one another again, Rest in Paradise my pretty girl Tara. We love you so much forever and always.

Seamus Hourigan 2000 - 2017

Seamus, what a beautiful gift to have you in our lives for 17 years. The most handsome, smart, lovable and chatty family member anyone could ask for. You were the most beautiful and majestic of your mainecoon breed. We will miss you terribly. Sinead, Cesar, Evan and Liam.


Jet 11/11/04 to 12/03/17

Thank you, Jet, for all the love and attention. It was an honor to be your human and I miss having you with me.

12 and a half years ago you came into our lives when we needed each other. You needed a new home because your first owner decided after having you for four months that they couldn’t keep you. They named you and house trained you but you ate rocks in their yard in Phoenix that had to be surgically removed.

Meanwhile, our decision to get a dog came a couple months after I came home from a trip to Ethiopia. I was in a funk because our community did not feel as warm and loving as Addis Ababa. It was reverse culture shock.

In just a couple days after Justin and I agreed it was time to get a dog, I found you on a website for people interested in Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Jet, the rock eating Goldendoodle, you were returned to your breeder in Bakersfield and I drove down that weekend to pick you up. You were just 6 months old, only half grown, with one shaved leg from the I.V. you had for your rock removal surgery.

You were such a love, so smart and eager to learn, and I was beside myself with affection and appreciation for you. We went to Saturday puppy classes together, where I learned how to be a good human. I learned that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog, so we spent a lot of time making you tired, taking walks and chasing balls.

You grew into your big paws and you turned heads and melted hearts with your look and your character. You greeted by running up to people, and often by running between our legs and between other people’s legs.

Outside with you, I met more people and the community seemed warmer to me. You didn’t walk. You pranced, proudly carrying your ball with the attached throwing stick. Every day, you let me know how important I was to you and that’s how I saw myself.

Other than out on a walk, you were happiest in our front yard. We didn’t even need to clip you to keep you there. Our enthusiastic greeter, always there when we came home and ready to announce any visitor. Other than occasionally taking medicine, the only thing you ever protested was being separated from us. We decided to give you the best possible care so you would live a long time.

For our family, you were always the thing we could agree on. We all loved you and enjoyed being your humans. You studied us and paid attention to everything we did, like a scientist gathering data, so that you could anticipate our actions. If we wore shoes, you knew we might be willing to take you outside. You always knew when we might have some extra human food for you and you let us know you were there to receive it. You could tell when we were upset.

When you surprised us a couple years ago with heart failure, we thanked science and veterinarians for helping us know how to take care of you and for prescribing pills to keep you going, although with less activity; No more sleeping upstairs with us and no more jumping over the neighbor’s lavender bushes to catch your ball. When you developed arthritis, we got more pills and a strap to help you stand up and took you to Aquadog for swim therapy. We added more rugs to cover the slippery hardwood floor. You couldn’t hear us or get up to greet us, but you still loved to catch a ball and proudly carry it around the block. You really hung in there. Your 13th birthday present was a ramp to help you walk in and out of the front door.

You were the best dog and we told you so when we were all with you in the back yard on December 3, saying goodbye. The last thing you did was what you did best. You let us know you loved and understood us.


Lexie 3/1999 - 9/2017

Our beloved Lexie girl. The best companion and loyal friend. We miss our walks in the park and your sweet face. So blessed for 18 1/2 years to have you in our life. Thank you Dr. Jenn for helping our girl and us find peace in passing to the rainbow bridge for the love of our life.


We love you forever sweet Titus



My sweet Reagan, such a beautiful loving dog who thought he was one of my kids and never really realised he was a dog! You brought nothing but joy and happiness to everyone that crossed your path. I miss and love you with all my heart. Until I see you again my sweet boy, Rae-Rae! Run free my boy!



My comfort, my joy, my best friend,

We've lived our active lives together, been through a lot together...aged together

I'll miss our long walks with you walking home with your rocks

Your stomping in the plants, even your barking rants

My comfort, my guardian, my best friend

So unique, the queen, so graceful and strong, your senses alert and ever so keen

My comfort, my companion, my loyal friend

With your watching TV, constantly looking to be near me, and OH your OCD!

Not one regret, my rescue pet, all the adventures we shared...we met

My comfort, my joy, my loving friend

Hope we meet again, with all my undying love...until it's my end

My comfort, my joy, my best friend...My Jada


2010 - 2018

My sweet and brave doggie, Coco passed away on June 28, 2018.

She was surrounded by her human family and doggie sister, Daisy while lying on her favorite spot on the coach at home.

I want to remember the first time we met at Peninsula SPCA where I reluctantly adopted her because I was still missing my recently departed dog, Brandy. When we took her home, she was still recovering from kennel cough and her first night, she snored which I would eventually get used to. After bonding with our other dog, Daisy and my Mom and sisters and myself, Coco became part of the family.

Coco had a good apetite even during her last months, she still ate a platefull of chicken or beef then afer eatting she would hop on the coach and wipe her face clean. Other traits..waiting patiently in the kitchen hallway to be fed or getting her harness put on for walks or going for a ride. She'd hop in the car then hop on on small perch next to car's back window or sit on my lap with her head poking out the window. Even while sick with cancer and a heart murmur, she would still use the pp pads and hop up/down the porch stairs to relieve herself outside. Such a Good Girl !

She would sit on top of coach looking out the window or greeting me or my sisters with a toy in her mouth. I will miss her loud snores that lulled me to sleep, her soulful gaze, stroking her silky hair or giving her belly rubs, scratching the door to be let in/out and her signature Coco-kisses.

Rest in peace my faithful companion. We were Blessed to have you in our lives.

Love you,